Podcasts subscriptions

Podcasts have become a new source of income in the recent years with exclusive content
Podcasts subscriptions

Spotify and Apple introduced Podcast subscriptions in 2021. Patreon also offers private RSS feeds for supporters

Live concert recording, exclusive song or remix, music stems, DJ set, musicians can share a lot of exclusive content with private podcasts for their most loyal fans

Podcasts are the best service any creator can provide to its community

Reuse your recordings as a podcast

You can create new content from scratch, but don'have to. Just use a live event recording as a source of your podcast, that's another way to monetize easily any live event (online or real life)

Keep the data of your users

By providing your content on UGC (User Generated Content) such as YouTube, Facebook and others, a creator doesn't know much about its audience except numbers. By managing its own podcast, any artist keep data about their community, so they can recommend their content, their other services rather than letting the viewer being redirected to any other video, being targeted by any advertisement.

Music Stems on DJing and Remix.me

With its DJ-focused branding, DJing and Remix.me are naturally offering different, higher value podcasts, as musicians can provide multi-channel audio files, acapellas, or any musical element to let other creators remix your creations or blend them diffrently in their DJ sets, not only standard audio files. If a remix becomes popular (think about Robin Schulz “Prayer in C” remix or Lost Frequencies “Are you with me“ remix), it can also have side effect on original artist's popularity