Numark Mixstream Pro Go in 5 minutes and Video reviews

Introducing the Numark Mixstream Pro Go: an innovative wireless DJ unit that offers convenience and versatility.
With a standalone, all-in-one design, built-in speakers, and support for wireless music streaming, the Mixstream Pro Go aims to redefine the DJing experience for users of all levels.

Numark Mixstream Pro Go in 5 minutes and Video reviews

Embracing Wireless Freedom

The standout feature of the Numark Mixstream Pro Go is its wireless functionality. This innovative DJ unit eliminates the need for tangled wires and complicated setups, offering DJs a seamless and hassle-free experience. With no need for external connections or mains electricity, it promises to be a user-friendly option for DJs on the go.

A Feature-Rich Offering

Despite its affordable price, the Mixstream Pro Go comes packed with a host of features. Notably, it boasts a built-in battery, providing DJs with hours of uninterrupted playtime. The charging input ensures that the battery can be replenished conveniently. Additionally, the unit runs on the powerful Engine DJ software, offering access to streaming services like Amazon Music and personal music libraries in Dropbox.

Standalone and Computer-Assisted Modes

The Mixstream Pro Go caters to different DJing styles with its standalone and computer-assisted modes. In standalone mode, DJs can effortlessly connect to Wi-Fi networks and access streaming services, making it ideal for mobile setups. Alternatively, when connected to a computer, the unit supports popular DJ software such as Serato and Virtual DJ, expanding its capabilities even further.

Striking a Balance Between Pro and Consumer Grade

While not a professional-grade DJ controller, the Mixstream Pro Go impressively comes close to pro standards. It provides a well-rounded experience, particularly with its robust Engine DJ software and added features like lighting control. Its plastic build may lack the ruggedness of high-end units, but it still feels solid and reliable for home use and small gatherings.