Promote your DJ sets or music in bars and music venues worldwide

Get music-licensed venues to broadcast your music rather than random TV or radio stations or youtube playlists
Promote your DJ sets or music in bars and music venues worldwide

Bar and other music venues around the world broadcast music non-stop, most often on screen, and most often with public TV stations, or YouTube playlists. While not using this free exposure for your music and DJ sets, by being part of thematic and always updated music TV channels tailored for these places ?

It's very hard to get your music known around the world. Most social networks promote already-famous bands, artists and DJs, it's time-consuming to promote yourself on these. Yet, there's an opportunity which is often missed which is for you to use existing content to be broadcasted in physical locations which are eager to broadcast music and desperate to find quality content that matches their identity, and help them differentiate

Reuse your existing performance, get the most of your next performances

Visibility is essential

It's very tough to be recommended on social platforms for artistic content, as they usually promote engaging content, fake news, bait clicks and so on. DJing TV only relies on genre and artist proximity, and any broadcaster is still able to choose any content to be broadcasted on its channel. Bars and other public venues are places people are not interacting with content making it apart from fast content consumption (TikTok style)

ROI: Return On Investment

It might not be a common expression to use for artistic work, but music is also created by human beings which have to optimize the time they spend on a song or DJ set promotion, if they actually want to have some time to create their next song or DJ set. Create once, be broadcasted many times in many places.

No cost, fully automated

For musicians and artists it comes at no cost. For licensed music venues it doesn't come with any additional cost (unless they want to personalize their TV channel with their logo). There's no work for content provider except uploading their content. There's no scheduling nor updating work to do for music broadcasting places.

DJing TV let any music-licensed venue create its own Music TV channels in a few clicks

One can not personalize a broadcast music TV channel. It's easier to build a DJing TV channel than a YouTube playlist. It's also easier to put a personal logo on a DJing TV channel than it is to put on a YouTube playlist. A YouTube playlist needs maintenance (updating new content) whereas a DJing TV channel is automatically updated when chosen artists or similar artists provide content.

A better choice for bars and music venues as well

As a music broadcasting place, would you rather pay for a TV station with its TV logo, YouTube premium account with YouTube logo, or would you rather broadcast your own music TV channel promoting the local or distant artists that you like, optionally with your own logo ?