Pioneer DJ DDJ-REV5 in 5 minutes and Video reviews

Introducing the Pioneer DDJ Rev 5. This DJ controller is designed to work seamlessly with Serato DJ and also offers compatibility with Rekordbox, providing an advantage over its predecessor, the Rev 7.
The Rev 5 comes equipped with CDJ-style jog wheels and numerous features that are unheard of until now such as Auto BPM Transition and Piano Play, which are the standout features of this controller.

Pioneer DJ DDJ-REV5 in 5 minutes and Video reviews

Design and Features

The DDJ Rev 5 boasts a well-featured design with familiar CDJ-style jog wheels, offering a comfortable layout for DJs. However, unlike its predecessor, it lacks inputs for decks or CDJs. Instead, it functions purely as a software controller with one auxiliary input. Nevertheless, the controller provides all the standard inputs and outputs, including microphones and balanced connections. The unit is USB-powered, which adds to its portability and convenience.

Auto BPM Transition

One of the standout features of the DDJ Rev 5 is the Auto BPM Transition, which automates BPM changes during open-format sets. DJs can set the number of bars required to transition from one deck's BPM to another, making smooth and on-beat transitions effortless. Additionally, the controller offers Auto Loop, Stems, and Key Lock functions that can be combined for more creative and dynamic mixes.

Piano Play

Piano Play is a brand-new addition to the Rev 5, allowing DJs to treat the performance pads as a piano keyboard. By setting a specific cue point, users can trigger different notes on the pads, creating musical riffs and melodies. This feature adds a new dimension to performances and makes it easier for musically inclined DJs to add their unique touch to mixes.

Effects Implementation

The DDJ Rev 5 comes with a powerful effects section, featuring 12 Serato pad functions, two of which are user-defined. The effects are best utilized in conjunction with the Serato effects screen, where users can customize and save effects banks. The implementation of effects is straightforward and provides DJs with ample control over the intensity and timing of the effects.

Dual Decks Capability

This controller offers dual deck mode, allowing DJs to control two decks simultaneously. By holding down the appropriate shift button, DJs can set up and control two different decks, treating them as a single unit. This is particularly useful for open-format DJs who want to manipulate two tracks together for creative mixing and mashups.

Stems Control

The Rev 5 supports Serato's stems format, which enables DJs to manipulate individual elements of a track, such as drums, bass, melody, and vocals. The controller provides dedicated stems controls that allow users to isolate and combine these elements in real-time, enhancing the possibilities for creative live remixing.

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