Live Restreamer, Recorder, Email Collection Gate, or Paywall - Musicians and DJ-focused restream service

The best restream platform for DJs and musicians. Optimized for one-off events, to reach and own audience, save recordings to copyright-friendly platforms, podcasts, or live replays, avoid copyright strikes, and collect emails, tips, or payments.

Stream live performance or prerecorded shows

Stream live with video+audio to

  • Your website
  • Mixcloud (, yours)
  • Twitch (, yours)
  • homepage
  • Any other destination using RTMP

Stream live without audio but with QRCode incentive redirected to full live

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • BiliBili

Automatically record audio to

  • Your website
  • Mixcloud
  • DJing private podcast(s)

Automatically record and deliver full stream to

  • Your website
  • DJing private podcasts
  • DJing VOD2Live (to restream prerecorded show)
  • DJing V24x7 Jukebox TV Channels

Add optional email collection gate

  • Your website

Add optional paywall

  • Your website