Boost your DJ performances or music in bars and music venues across the globe.

Get music-licensed venues to air your videoclips and performances rather than traditional TV, radio or YouTube playlists
Bars and music venues around the world continuously play music, often on screens and through public TV stations or YouTube playlists. Why not take advantage of this free exposure for your music and DJ sets by becoming part of thematic, regularly updated music TV channels designed specifically for these establishments?
Breaking through and gaining recognition for your music can be challenging. Many social networks prioritize established artists and DJs, making self-promotion a time-consuming task. However, there's an overlooked opportunity: leveraging your existing content for broadcast in physical venues eager to showcase music and seeking quality content that aligns with their identity and sets them apart.

Global promotion of your music in bars, eateries, stores, and venues

Maximize your existing performances and boost visibility for future ones

Visibility is crucial. Gaining recognition on social platforms for artistic content can be challenging, as they often prioritize engaging content, clickbait, or sensationalism. DJing TV focuses on genre and artist proximity, allowing broadcasters to choose the content they want to showcase. Bars and other public venues offer a unique opportunity for engagement, as visitors do not typically interact with content in the same way they do on fast-paced platforms like TikTok.

ROI: Return on Investment

Although it might not be a common term in the arts, musicians, and DJs should optimize the time they spend promoting their work to ensure they have time to create new pieces. By creating content once and having it broadcast multiple times in multiple locations, artists can maximize their ROI.

Very limited cost, fully automated

For musicians and artists, DJing TV is a free service, for any content already available in the catalog, and for minute-based pricing for new content. Content providers simply need to upload their work, and there is no scheduling or updating required for music broadcasting venues.

DJing TV enables any music-licensed venue either to choose any existing curated TV channel or to create its own music TV channels with just a few clicks, and running a music TV channel is also lest costly than a YouTube premium subscription as they don't need to pay for all those cat videos.

Customizing a broadcast music TV channel is not possible, but creating a DJing TV channel is easier than building a YouTube playlist. Adding a personal logo to a DJing TV channel is also more straightforward than doing so on a YouTube playlist. DJing TV channels are automatically updated as chosen artists or similar artists provide content, eliminating the need for constant maintenance.

A superior option for bars and music venues

As a music broadcasting location, would you prefer to pay for a TV station with its logo, a YouTube Premium account with the YouTube logo, or broadcast your music TV channel featuring local or distant artists you appreciate, optionally displaying your logo? DJing TV offers a more personalized and efficient way for venues to showcase the music they love or even let their audience interact and choose what the next song will be