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What makes Mixcloud a good platform for DJs?

Mixcloud Live is an excellent platform to promote DJ sets due to its various features and focus on the music community. Here are some reasons why it is an effective platform for promoting DJ sets:

Music-centric platform: Mixcloud primarily targets music creators, DJs, and radio hosts, which means it has a dedicated user base interested in discovering and listening to new music and DJ sets.

Legal streaming: Mixcloud has agreements with various music rights organizations and labels, ensuring that creators can legally stream their DJ sets. This feature helps avoid potential copyright issues, enabling DJs to focus on their performances without worrying about takedown notices.

Good-quality audio: Mixcloud Live supports good-quality audio streaming, ensuring that the DJ sets sound better than on social media platforms. This feature helps attract more listeners and keeps them engaged.

Monetization options: Mixcloud offers a subscription service called "Mixcloud Select," which allows creators to monetize their content through fan subscriptions. DJs can earn revenue from their performances, helping to support their careers.

Interaction with the audience: Mixcloud Live includes a chat feature, allowing DJs to interact with their audience in real-time. Engaging with listeners helps build a stronger connection, which can lead to increased loyalty and growth of the fan base.

Archiving and on-demand listening: After a DJ set is streamed live, Mixcloud allows creators to archive their content, enabling fans to listen on-demand. This feature increases the exposure of DJ sets and helps reach a wider audience.

Analytics and insights: Mixcloud provides creators with analytics and insights on their performance, helping them understand their audience and make data-driven decisions to grow their fan base.

By leveraging these features, Mixcloud Live serves as a valuable platform for promoting DJ sets, engaging with fans, and growing dedicated following within the music community.

Mixcloud is among the streaming platforms where DJs from can freely broadcast their pre-recorded DJ sets, on both account and their own.

What makes Twitch a good platform for DJs?

Twitch, primarily known as a gaming platform, has evolved into a popular space for various types of content creators, including DJs. Here's how Twitch can be a good platform for DJs:

Diverse audience: Twitch has a massive and diverse user base, providing DJs with an opportunity to reach new fans from different backgrounds and interests. This diverse audience can help DJs expand their reach and grow their fan base.

Live streaming: Twitch is centered around live streaming, which allows DJs to broadcast their performances in real time. Live streaming creates an engaging experience for the audience and helps DJs connect with fans personally.

Interaction and engagement: Twitch offers various features, such as chat and emotes, that enables real-time interaction between DJs and their audience. These interactive elements foster a sense of community, helping DJs build a loyal following.

Monetization options: Twitch provides several monetization options, including subscriptions, donations, and ads, enabling DJs to generate revenue from their content. This financial support can help DJs invest more time and resources into their craft.

Discovery features: Twitch has built-in discovery features, such as category listings and tags, which make it easier for potential fans to find DJ streams. This increased visibility can help DJs gain more followers and expand their audience.

Creative freedom: Twitch encourages creativity and experimentation, allowing DJs to explore different formats and styles in their performances. This creative freedom can help DJs stand out and attract a unique fan base.

Third-party tools and extensions: Twitch has a robust ecosystem of third-party tools and extensions that can enhance the streaming experience for both DJs and their audience. These tools can help DJs create more engaging and interactive streams, further boosting their appeal to viewers.

By utilizing Twitch's features and its diverse audience, DJs have an excellent opportunity to showcase their skills, connect with fans, and grow their careers.

Twitch is among the streaming platforms where DJs from can freely broadcast their pre-recorded DJ sets, on both account and their own.

What does offer for DJs regarding Mixcloud and Twitch?

Feel free to explore Mixcloud Pro by choosing the dates and times for rebroadcasting your pre-recorded sets at no cost.

Your DJ sets will replace the primary Gear TV channel on (along with an accompanying countdown) to provide you with an opportunity to create events for your past performances.