How to earn money live streaming as a DJ or artist ?

Promote your for-pay event by teasing it with a time-limited preview on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Twitch ...
How to earn money live streaming as a DJ or artist ?

Social networks are good destinations to gather people in a matter of a few minutes, but how about getting these users to support artists, creators, musicians ?

The adult industry learnt long time ago how to tease people with free content then convert the most faithful or the most impulsive of them into paying for more. Since then, a plethora of other interest-based performers like video games streamers successfully followed the trend

Get your audience to have a sneak peek, entice them to buy tickets with exclusive content and interaction

Set a rendezvous and announce it like a metronome

To put your events in people's minds, you have to strictly respect a routine: perform the same day of the week, at the same hour, no matter how frequent you perform (eg: first Friday of the month at 9pm) Announce your next event at day D-7, D-1, hour H-1. Display the hours of your show with all majors timezones (CET, EST, PT, JST, GMT) on any communication about it. Alternatively perform at two distinct start times to suit all timezones. Provide date and tickets for next show as soon as the end of the current one.

Different levels, different benefits

Like Kickstarter or Patreon, provide different levels of access to your audience. Free viewers get 5 to 15 minutes free on one or several social networks, casual supporters get access to the full performance in exchange of a small fee, and best fans get a limited number of seats with interaction (Zoom-like party, private chat, talk after performance, performance download and/or replay). Show your audience what they (might) miss by not attending

Better than sharing link, inviting tickets buyers' friends to your performance

As in real life, isn't it better to share a performance with friends ? Most paywall platforms only allow audience to buy their tickets and share “ link to buy ticket ” with others. Wouldn't it be better for your most faithful audience to actually be able to recommend and buy tickets on behalf of their friends and relatives ?

Minimum price and optional tip determined by purchaser

Humble Bundle set it as an example for independent video games. Pay the creators a minimum fee, then give an optional tip to the creator while giving a part of it to charity. Way less intimidating than a 4.99 or 9.99 price while making many people happy in the process.

Give your best... for now and later

Now it's time to perform. Think that your performance might be kept and reused (eg: as a podcast for paying audience, or in public or music venues around the world to promote your work, as a demo for promoters, as a catalogue asset for a “ Netflix for concerts ” or a “ Netflix for live performances ”). You also want current viewers to be part of the next one(s), maybe participating at a different (hopefully higher) level, and booking ticket as soon as your current show ends.