How do I set up multiple cameras and better experience for streaming ?

Provide a dynamic stream to your viewers
Multiangles multicameras DJ set concert performance live streaming

Since 2012, the very same technology (HLS adaptive streaming) used nowadays by most platforms providing streaming was supporting multiangles streaming, also known as video alternates. Putting the viewer in control seems quite a nice feature, especially for music and sport, especially now that performances mostly rely on multi cameras setups

We gave DJs and bands (or even sport affordable (even free) tools to perform multicam broadcasts easily. Unfortunately the huge potential of this for viewers has yet to be unleashed

Multi cameras streaming with viewer as the director

If you already shoot and save your events as multi-cameras (one stream per camera) there are now solutions to let the viewers choose the angle they want at any time, on iOS, iPad OS and

Why would I do that ?

If you are looking into providing your content as direct-to-fan rather than depending on Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Patreon, etc etc, this is definitely some bonus you should look into, to provide multiangles video on demand inside a premium app for example, as viewer might be interested in broadcasting your performance they want, and change the experience for every single viewing (focusing on turntables for a vinyl DJ set, on some instrument for a live performance, on singer for a handsome one 😂, displaying music vizualizer mostly for a party, etc etc).

How much additional work does it require ?

Not much. It requires to record all sources rather than only final edit, then provide these streams rather than the edited one. You can keep using OBS on your desktop, or use specialized multicam apps such as Switcher Studio

Which platform provides it today ?

AFAIK no User Generated Content supports it today. So how can I do it ? Right now, support is good on iOS and related (iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Mac) devices, but hopefully Android will support it some day as well (#2600) so if you already have your own app or plan to have one, this is the perfect example of differentiation from other artists using standard UGC platforms

How can DJing help ?

DJing can help in two ways

  1. Bring 12 years of HLS expertise to provide a multiangles stream from your multiple single streams
  2. Create an iOS/iPadOS/MacOS/tvOS app providing this content, or help you support it in an existing app