What is the optimal approach to stream and safeguard a paid live event?

Master the art of hosting a paid event on Twitch, Mixcloud, and your own website
In 2023, Twitch and Mixcloud are the preferred platforms for broadcasting music, as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram frequently mute or terminate live streams - even when you have the rights to publish the content.
Streaming live music under optimal conditions can be challenging. Protecting these streams from unauthorized sharing becomes even more difficult when selling tickets or organizing multi-artist events, such as virtual festivals.

High-quality and secure live-streaming

Choosing the Right Platform and Protection for Your Paywalled Live Stream: Single or Multiple Artists

Twitch lacks unlisted streams, meaning you'll need a new, unsearchable account to conceal your live stream. However, this approach is clunky and can still be shared by anyone with access. Twitch also promotes easily discoverable streams with multiple viewers, requires a supplementary solution like Restream for promotion, and doesn't offer paywalls or solutions for multi-streamer events (e.g., virtual festivals). Moreover, Twitch might delist or mute music-containing archives.

Mixcloud supports unlisted streams, making them unsearchable within their interface. However, the platform uses a constant URL for live streaming without embedding options, enabling unrestricted URL sharing. Mixcloud doesn't permit promotion for unlisted streams, only supports Facebook and Twitch for public ones, and doesn't provide solutions for multi-streamer events. Additionally, Mixcloud doesn't offer archives or adaptive bitrate switching to ensure optimal viewing conditions for all.

DJing functions as a standalone live streaming service or a restreaming service, enhancing other platforms with added features (source switching, event promotion, etc.). Standalone streams are unlisted and can be secured on-demand to prevent URL sharing. The platform includes ticketing (PayPal, Stripe, Cryptowallet) and can be used for archiving or tipping. Whether using DJing standalone or for ticketing and other features, it's a versatile choice for live-streaming events.

Max video quality1080p/3Mbps720p/3Mbps1080p/8Mbps
Max audio quality160kbps320kbps320kbps
Adaptive qualityPartners
Social PromotionLimited
Viewer-only URL
Festival support (1)
PricingFreeFrom USD11 per monthUSD0.001 per viewed minute

(1) Internal or external (festival can be broadcasted on DJing, Twitch, Mixcloud and others)