How to earn money with mentoring?

Artists, music producers, and DJs have many skills and knowledge that people are eager to learn.
How to earn money with mentoring?

Masterclasses are becoming more and more popular since Covid and can be delivered with podcast subscriptions. Live mentoring or talk is a step further that brings proximity to your audience.

Coaching and answering questions from beginners or fans can be an additional revenue stream, with requests coming from worldwide and being addressed in a Zoom-like conference mode.

Software, hardware, promotion, publishing, distribution, live streaming...

There are many topics on which experienced artists and DJs can share their knowledge. Digital DJ Tips, Aulart, and Sonic Academy are among the platforms sharing this knowledge with their community. Now you can do it by yourself not only with podcast subscriptions but also with live discussions.

Zoom-like conference mode to share face-to-face

Bidirectional live streaming is the best way to interact between a teacher and his students, so it will be even more appreciated than a simple “ video to watch ” with no other interaction than comments.

Behind the scene, backstage after-show

There are many other use cases for this kind of meetup, so don't hesitate to come up with new ideas to differentiate from one-to-many live streams with chat