How to cancel your Deutschlandticket or D-Ticket €49 monthly subscription?

Are you currently trying to suspend, cancel, or terminate your D-Ticket subscription? You're definitely not the only one facing this challenge.
Many individuals, including those in Germany, have encountered difficulties with this process. It's not straightforward to locate where to unsubscribe on the website ( probably) where you initially purchased your subscription, which is typically a quick search away on your preferred search engine. Although there's a cancellation form available, it doesn't result in the immediate termination of your subscription. Furthermore, at the time of writing, DB navigator, the app you use for your subscription might not provide a clear avenue for cancellation.

How to end your D-Ticket €49 monthly subscription?

The correct location to initiate the cancellation process is through the abo portal, but please note that it is currently only available in German. Rest assured, you're not alone in navigating these complexities. In the following sections, we'll guide you through the steps to successfully cancel your D-Ticket subscription. Here is the URL to manage your subscription, including termination.

Get your login details for your subscription, then connect using 'anmelden' button. You will then land on a page where you see details for your subscription as below.

How to cancel your D-Ticket €49 monthly subscription?

Click the 'Abo anzeigen' button to manage your subscription, and from here you can choose Services to terminate your subscription (kündigen in German)

How to cancel your D-Ticket €49 monthly subscription?

It is advisable to terminate your D-Ticket subscription by the 10th of the month to avoid being billed for the following month. Additionally, opting for a subscription for the current month alone might result in a double payment if initiated after the 10th. Please make sure to terminate it early, in the event of an unexpected processing time. If everything goes well you should receive an email similar to this one:

DB Navigator app D-Ticket monthly subscription termination email confirmation