What’s the best strategy to broadcast and protect a for-pay live event ?

Learn here how to perfom a festival on Twitch or Mixcloud, to secure your paywall event
What’s the best strategy to broadcast and protect a for-pay live event ?

Twitch and Mixcloud comes as the most common places to broadcast music in 2022, as Youtube, Facebook and Instagram quite often mute your live streams, even if you own rights to broadcast.

It’s really tough to stream live music in good conditions. It’s even more difficult to protect these streams from sharing if you want to provide tickets, or if you want to organise a multiple artists events aka virtual festival

Paywall live stream for one or multiple artists ? Make sure you choose the right destination and the right protection for your live streaming event


Twitch doesn’t allow unlisted stream, so if you want to hide your next live stream you have to create a new account and not fill any metadata so it can be easily found in search engine. Cumbersome. And still anyone which gets access can share with anyone. If multiple viewers are watching the show, then it becomes promoted on Twitch and easy to find. If you want to promote your stream on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram or others, you have to use a complimentary solution like Restream. Twitch doesn’t offer any paywall solution, but does offer some subscription or tips solutions. Twitch doesn’t provide any solution for multiple streamers to one destination (eg: virtual festival). Twitch might delist or mute any archive containing music.


Mixcloud allows unlisted stream so your live stream cannot be found through Mixcloud interface. But Mixcloud always use same URL for live streaming and doesn’t allow embedding. This means not only that anyone which has access to your profile once can know your live streaming URL, but also that anyone which is buying a ticket and getting this URL can freely share it with others. On top of that Mixcloud doesn’t allow promotion on anything for unlisted streams, and only Facebook and Twitch for public streams. Mixcloud provides tipping for any live stream. Mixcloud doesn’t provide any solution for multiple streamers to one destination (eg: virtual festival). Mixcloud doesn’t provide any archive. Mixcloud doesn’t support Adaptive bitrate switching (realtime quality switching between 360p and 1080p according to viewer’s connections)


DJing can be used as a standalone live streaming service (no external platform) or a service that restreams to others to enrich them with additional features (switching between sources, promoting for-pay events with limited duration preview on Facebook pages, Instagram stories, Twitch channels and others). As a standalone, all streams are unlisted (no public stream), and can be secured on demand, so no URL can be shared by multiple viewers. Ticketing is part of the platform, with Paypal or wire transfer (Stripe) no matter if you use it standalone or if you use it only for ticketing or other features, and use a traditional platform for broadcast. Archiving is possible, for catchup/replay or other usage (under DMCA). Tips are also possible beforehand (by paying more than minimum ticket price) or at the end of the show.

Features Twitch Mixcloud DJing
Max video quality 1080p/3Mbps 720p/3Mbps 1080p/7Mbps
Max audio quality 160kbps 320kbps 320kbps
Adaptive quality
Social Promotion Limited
Unlisted/Private Limited
Viewer-only URL
Festival support (1)
Archiving (2) (2)
Pricing Free From USD11 per month From USD0.10 per hour
(1) Internal or external (festival can be broadcasted on DJing, Twitch, Mixcloud and others)
(2) Needs to be compliant to copyright